VOC Exempt Solvents List: Environmentally Friendly Choices

Solvents are used frequently in the production of industrial goods and services. These substances, while effective, are not always considered safe for people or the environment. More environmentally friendly options exist on the market, one of which is known as a VOC-exempt solvent. This blog will discuss what a VOC exemption is and cover a few chemicals that are on a VOC-exempt solvents list.   

What Is a VOC Exempt Solvent?  

 To understand what a VOC exemption is, we need to first understand what a VOC is.    

VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are chemicals found in many products. They can be utilized as industrial solvents, fuel oxygenates, or by-products. They are also often emitted into the atmosphere as a gas by a wide variety of consumer goods, such as paints and adhesives.   

VOCs react with nitrogen oxides in the atmosphere to form ozone, or smog, which is a type of air pollutant. The EPA has determined an appropriate definition for VOCs for regulatory purposes; an organic compound that is exempt from the EPA’s VOC definition is called a VOC exemption.   

These VOCs have a limited effect on ozone pollution episodes, as they are considered to have low photochemical reactivity. They are always pure compounds and not mixtures. VOC exemptions are excluded from certain regulations regarding ozone formation, but they are still subject to other EPA regulations like toxicity and greenhouse gas formation potential.  

VOCs That Are Exempt  

There are multiple volatile organic compounds that the EPA considers an exception to the general rules: 

  • Acetone  
  • Dimethyl carbonate  
  • tert-Butyl acetate  
  • Propylene carbonate  
  • Methyl acetate  

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