tidal bleach neutralizer

The Benefits of Tidal Bleach Neutralizer

What Is Tidal Bleach Neutralizer?  

Tidal Bleach Neutralizer is an alkaline solution whose main ingredient is sodium hyposulfite (10%-20% by weight). It can be utilized to neutralize the bleach crystals left behind when outdoor surfaces have been cleaned with bleach but not thoroughly rinsed. Tidal Bleach Neutralizer will eliminate the streaks caused by these crystals. It will also inhibit bleach residue from corroding vehicles, trailers, and other types of machinery. In addition, Tidal Bleach Neutralizer can be employed to protect plants from bleach’s damaging effects.  

Useful Properties of Tidal Bleach Neutralizer  

Tidal Bleach Neutralizer is beneficial for a number of reasons: 

  • Available in three convenient bulk sizes, ranging from a 4×1-gallon case to a 55-gallon drum  
  • Low instability 
  • Nonflammable 

How Do I Apply Tidal Bleach Neutralizer? 

To apply Tidal Bleach Neutralizer, first, it must be diluted. The concentration to which it should be diluted depends on the applicator that is being used. For X-Jet application, 8 to 16 ounces of Tidal Bleach Neutralizer should be mixed with 5 gallons of water. For downstream injector application, 15 to 24 ounces of Tidal Bleach Neutralizer should be mixed with 5 gallons of water. 

Once Tidal Bleach Neutralizer has been diluted, the surface with bleach residue should be completely wet down. Then, Tidal Bleach Neutralizer can be applied. Finally, the surface should be rinsed. For use with plants, Tidal Bleach Neutralizer can be sprayed onto pre-wet plants both before and after bleach is used. Then, the plants should be rinsed well. 

Tidal Bleach Neutralizer should not be allowed to dry on surfaces, and it should not be applied to edible plants. Additionally, the user should read over Tidal Bleach Neutralizer’s Safety Data Sheet for full instructions on how to use and store it safely.  

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