4 Potential Benefits of Water Based Cleaners

Industrial cleaning agents can be separated into two large groups: Agents that have a solvent base and agents that have a water base — also generally referred to as an “aqueous base”.

Like a solvent base, a water base is used to make industrial cleaner ingredients miscible, creating a solution that has the perfect suspension of active ingredients. If you’re trying to decide whether to use a solvent based cleaner or a cleaner that has a water base, check out the following four benefits of water based cleaners, and compare them to the potential benefits of using solvent based cleaners.

  1. Cost Savings

Water is a perfect example of a substance that is inexpensive because it’s so plentiful. The low cost of water often means that water based cleaners are less expensive that solvent based solutions, although manufacturers ultimately determine prices based on the sales and marketing plan.

With that said, even the most cost effective solvents have a higher price than water that’s taken from the tap, and then purified. If you have a conservative cleaner budget, using a water based cleaner may be the best option, especially considering the cost of long-term use.

  1. Fewer Harmful Ingredients

Like solvent based cleaners, water based cleaners can contain harmful ingredients. However, the base ingredient, water, has no toxic properties and is essential for human life.

Because an aqueous base isn’t a guarantee that a cleaner’s blended chemicals are harmless, choose your solution carefully. For the sake of human safety and the environment, target a solutions that is “environmentally safe” or “environmentally preferred”.

  1. High Flashpoint

Cleaning solutions that are highly diluted with water tend to have a high flashpoint, which means they ignite in the presence of high temperatures instead of low-level heat. In some cases, water based solvents have no flashpoint and are considered non-flammable. Regardless of the work environment in which you use the product, a cleaner with a high flashpoint is considered a valuable safety feature.

  1. Less Regulatory Concern

If the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates a water based cleaner, it’s because the solution contains chemical(s) that are hazardous to human health and/or the environment. Unless all of its chemical constituents are highly safe, there’s no guarantee the EPA won’t phase out the chemicals. However, water based cleaners are never regulated due to their aqueous base.

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