Can Companies Save Money Using Green Industrial Cleaners?

By now, industrial organizations should already know the importance of using green industrial cleaners, as it is paramount to improving the safety aspects of the workplace, the employees performing labor in the work place, and the environment. This is due to the extreme push by eco friendly conscious companies such as Ecolink to inform and educate industrial businesses of the potential risks and hazards they place their facilities and employees in each and every day, as well as help these industrial businesses transition to a green industrial cleaner. What companies might not know about is the additional incentive included should an industrial company decide to switch to a green industrial cleaner. The additional incentive, an enticement from which all companies can benefit, is that companies can save money using green industrial cleaners. EcolinkImage

What?! How can companies save money using green industrial cleaners?! It is no surprise to us that most company executives would read the above statement and be suspicious to the veracity of the claim. Why? Well, for one, most people associate eco friendly and green alternative options as expensive. For example, solar energy: To place solar panels on a home to be able to utilize solar power would cost so much that the estimation of how long it would take for people to realize a cost savings is over fifteen years. Subsequently, more people are deciding that the initial price does not justify the far reaching final conclusion. There are other examples of large expense attached to green alternative solutions, such as natural gas. People read these wonderful, but practically unfeasible eco friendly options and associate exorbitant cost with any green alternative solution. This assumption is understandable, but luckily, this does no pertain to the use of green industrial cleaners.

Green alternative industrial cleaners have been developed with inexpensive chemical compound solutions – significantly less costly than the conventional industrial solvents. Therefore, because of the reduce cost in developing, the retail cost for an industrial company to implement its use is much lower than what they were previously paying for their effective, yet harmful cleaner and degreaser. One of the most important aspects to a company is finding ways to reduce overhead while still being able to maintain efficiency in operation and full functionality. As it concerns industrial businesses, they have been bestowed unbelievable fortune in the offering of an eco friendly, green industrial cleaner that will clean and degrease parts, metals, and materials of grime, dirt, grease, oil, rust, and other potentially harmful particles as well as or better than their older model. In addition, the company will significantly reduce the exposure of their workers to harmful substances, as well as reduce the hazard to the environment, along with reduce the monthly, or annual cost of purchasing an industrial cleaner solvent.

Ecolink’s mission statement clearly defines their goals regarding industrial cleaning:

To eliminate the waste and pollution of duplicate, unnecessary, harmful and non-complying and/or non-conforming chemicals through lean(er) chemical solutions including customizable delivery, dispensing, distillation, filtration and recycling/reclamation systems.

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