sodium-hypochlorite-for soft washing

Sodium Hypochlorite For Soft Washing 

Why is sodium hypochlorite for soft washing recommended? Sodium hypochlorite, (the chemical name for bleach) is commonly used as a disinfectant because it is relatively simple to manufacture and provides superior cleaning abilities. When used in conjunction with specially designed surfactants and water, the solution provides an excellent soft wash cleaning agent. Sodium hypochlorite will eliminate algae, bacteria, mold, and other impurities, while the surfactants lift dirt from the surface, and water rinses it away with no need for harmful power washing. 

It is important to understand the proper quantity of sodium hypochlorite for soft washing. Too much sodium hypochlorite can cause damage while not enough sodium hypochlorite will not be efficient enough to cut through the mud, grime, dirt, scum, grunge, and other organic impurities that compromise the areas you are trying to clean. 

This is an important reason to talk with our expert chemists and technicians at Ecolink. Our trained and knowledgeable teams have 30+ years of training and experience to advise you and recommend the best cleaning agents and mixtures of sodium hypochlorite for soft washing. 

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Want To Learn More About Soft Wash Cleaning Agents?

Are you looking for sodium hypochlorite for soft washing? Ecolink is a long-time, trusted provider of chemical and cleaning agents like sodium hypochlorite. Our dedicated team of chemical experts is here to take your call and help you find the best-suited chemicals for your needs. Contact Ecolink here to speak with a chemist and find the best soft wash chemicals for your needs!