Searching for a Safe Paint Stripper? Discover Safe Strip

Searching for a Safe Paint Stripper? Discover Safe Strip 

Paint strippers are notorious for their strength as solvents.  

But this strength typically comes with a cost: these chemicals are usually highly toxic and pose serious health risks to workers utilizing them.  

Fortunately, modern paint remover products, such as Safe Strip, have been formulated to replace these hazardous chemicals. To discover why Safe Strip is a safe paint stripper, we will analyze the characteristics of one of the most common paint stripping chemicals, methylene chloride, and compare them with Safe Strip’s characteristics.  

What Is Methylene Chloride?  

Methylene chloride, also known as dichloromethane, is a volatile chlorinated organic compound and the active ingredient in most paint strippers. Though the compound is used for its strength and effectiveness, it is known to cause harm to the environment and poses many health risks to individuals. Here is a list of the known characteristics of the chemical: 

  • Evidence shows that it contributes to ozone depletion 
  • Potentially a carcinogen, as high levels of exposure may cause liver and lung cancer 
  • Neurotoxin can damage the brain and the central nervous system 
  • Severe eye irritant 
  • Respiratory irritant 
  • Readily absorbed through the skin 

Why Should I Choose Safe Strip Over Other Paint Strippers? 

Here are the numerous beneficial qualities of Safe Strip: 

  • Biodegradable 
  • Non-carcinogenic 
  • Recyclable  
  • Cost-effective 
  • Non-flammable 
  • Low VOC emissions 
  • The highly effective performance, similar to MEK or methylene chloride 
  • No ozone-depleting components 
  • Effective on all coatings, including two-step high solids epoxy and polyurethane resins 
  • Removes coatings in one step 
  • May be used in a gun cleaning tank, immersion tank, or as a brush-on, rinse-off solvent 

When comparing methylene chloride to the eco-friendly Safe Strip, it is evident that the effectiveness of methylene chloride is simply not worth the risk to the environment and human health. Now that products like Safe Strip are being sold, companies can choose a paint stripper that is highly effective, creates a safer work environment, and does not cause harm to the environment.  

Ready to Make a Safer Switch? 

Here at Ecolink, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality environmentally-preferred chemicals for various industrial and business applications. If you are looking to purchase Safe Strip, you can explore the product page for more information. 

Still, have questions? 

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