What Is Non-Pressure Chemical Cleaning?  

Non-pressure chemical cleaning, also known as soft washing, is a method that eliminates the use of extreme pressure when cleaning a roof. When it comes to applying a cleaning detergent or rinsing the solution off of a roof, high-pressurized blasts of water from a pressure or power washers aren’t used. While these powerful blasts may be effective at blasting away dirt and debris on your roof, they can also cause damage. 

In order to prolong your roof’s life, and make it appear as good as new without involving these harsh blasts, then you may want to consider a non-pressure washing method. Read on to learn more about the importance of roof cleaning and a gentler method for cleaning your shingles. 

Importance of Roof Cleaning 

Fungus, mold, algae, and other debris can cause serious harm to your roof when left untouched. If the exterior of your roof is harmed, then the interior of your home can fall victim to… 

  • Water damage 
  • Pests 
  • Structural damage 
  • Mold, mildew, and more 

Being aware of the importance of cleaning should encourage you to regularly check the state of your roof, and schedule times to clean it in order to prevent any of the damage listed above. 

What Are the Benefits of Non-Pressure Roof Cleaning?  

With chemical cleaning, the only tools you need are a high-quality chemical roof cleaning solution, safety gear, and a low-pressure stream of water. Here are some of the benefits of ditching aggressive, high-pressurized blasts for a non-pressure/soft wash clean: 

  • Eco-friendly (nonbleach) 
  • Some chemicals may not need to be rinsed 
  • Doesn’t damage the roof or surrounding areas 
  • Provides a protective layer on the roof as a prevention measure 
  • Displays results instantly and improves the overall appearance 

Distilling any chemical or solution is not a new concept and is encouraged. When it comes to cleaning your roof, know that this is a great option to explore depending on the methods you decide to use!  

Looking for Chemical Roof Cleaning Solutions? 

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