Where to Find a Non-flammable Paint Remover

Where to Find a Non-flammable Paint Remover

Aggressive paint removers tend to have one specific chemical property that may be undesirable to certain individuals or companies: flammability.  

Most industries do not necessarily require a non-flammable chemical, but certain industries may desire one in order to create a safer workplace and reduce risks of fire hazards.  

When it comes to painting removal, a non-flammable paint remover ensures a lower health risk for workers, especially for those utilizing the chemical around potential sources of ignition or electrical equipment.  

Are Most Paint Removing Chemicals Flammable? 

Unfortunately, yes. 

The most common chemical used in paint removers is methylene chloride—a potentially carcinogenic flammable compound. Methylene chloride is also infamous for its toxicity, even being banned in consumer paint-removing products.  

Those looking for a non-flammable paint remover shouldn’t feel discouraged just yet though, as there are many non-flammable options that are highly effective and are environmentally preferable. For example, Safe Strip is an ideal non-flammable paint and resin solvent that carries considerably fewer health hazards and can even replace hazardous solvents like methylene chloride or benzene.  

Why Is Safe Strip the Ideal Non Flammable Solvent?  

Safe Strip provides a wider range of applications with its non-flammable property, as workers will not have to worry about using the product around most electrical equipment or potential sources of ignition. On top of that, Safe Strip carries numerous desirable qualities:  

  • Biodegradable  
  • Recyclable  
  • Low VOC emissions (contrary to methylene chloride, which is an air pollutant) 
  • No ozone-depleting components 
  • Removes coatings in one step 
  • Reliable performance, comparable to methylene chloride or MEK 
  • Effective on all coatings, including high-solids epoxy and polyurethane resins 
  • May be used in immersion tanks, gun cleaning tanks, or as a brush on rinse-off solvent 

Interested in Purchasing Non flammable Paint Remover?

If you’re looking for a high-quality, non-flammable paint removal chemical for your business or industrial needs, then Safe Strip may be the right product for you. Reach out to our expert team today to learn if Safe Strip is right for your company, or visit Safe Strip’s product page to learn more.