Suffering from Nickel and Alloy Stripping Woes? The Solution is Simpler to Find than You Might Imagine

Pain with Stripping Nickel and Nickel Alloys Equals No Gain

rapidly strip nickel and alloysFor once, the old saying of “no pain, no gain” is wrong! Stripol NI Ultra, specifically formulated for high density areas, is a non-regulated, one component liquid designed to rapidly strip nickel and nickel alloys. This nickel alloy stripping solution has a list of impressive properties and attributes, a few of which are listed below.

  • Non-regulated
  • Phosphate free
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • No fluorides, cyanides, or caustics
  • Long bath life
  • Non fuming/non-hazardous for worker’s safety

alloy stripping solution



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A Safer Alloy Stripping Solution

If you have a problem finding the right product to remove nickel substrates, not only do we have a solution, but it’s the best solution available! Stripol NI Ultra is formulated to strip nickel from high current density areas.  It replaces Ethylenediamine (EDA), which has had reports of workers who have been exposed to its vapors to seeing halos around lights.phosphate free nickel stripper

Who can use the Stripol NI Ultra? This metal finishing liquid benefits several industries including manufacturing, mining, businesses using certain types of tools and equipment, and many others! If your industry has a need for stripping nickel and nickel alloys from a variety of metals, then this product should work for you.

Stripol NI Ultra is better, safer, and faster than what is currently available from other manufacturers. How it this metal finishing product better? It has a higher nickel loading capacity than homemade formulations. How is the alloy stripping solution safer? It’s non-fuming and has no fluorides, cyanides, or caustics. How is this nickel stripping liquid faster? It strips nickel at a high current density without the need of electrical current.

To prove our solution is better than the rest, check out some of the competing products in the table below and see for yourself!


Product Name



Brownells Room Temperature Nickel Stripper Removes both electrolytic and electroless nickel and nickel alloys without heating. Gives off a strong, ammonia-like odor. Use with adequate ventilation.
PCI Chemicals NISTRIP A & B Strips nickel without attacking the base metal.
Metalline Corporation MC Nickel Strippers Removes nickel deposits on steel, copper, and brass.
Metalx, Inc. B-9, B-9+, B-929, B-913, B-9 Nickel-Iron Powdered immersion nickel stripper that removes from steel, copper, and brass.

metal finishing


Still need some convincing regarding this alloy stripping liquid? Call or email Jackie to find out how you can receive a FREE sample of Stripol NI Ultra TODAY! See the results of this metal finishing product for yourself! We have told you why this nickel stripping chemical is better, safer, and faster—now let us show you why!


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