Methylene Chloride Replacement: Safer Alternatives and Solutions  

Methylene chloride is a harmful and colorless liquid known to do serious- harm. It has multiple uses but also possesses a strong solvency power. And though it is beneficial for this, there are much safer alternatives you can utilize. This blog will discuss how to choose a safer methylene chloride replacement.  

What are the harmful effects of methylene chloride?  

Methylene chloride is used in various industries often, such as paint cleaning and manufacturing. However, there is a multitude of side effects that come with exposure to methylene chloride:  

  • Drowsiness  
  • Dizziness  
  • Numb/Tingly Limbs  
  • Nausea  
  • Risk of cancer  
  • Loss of Consciousness  
  • Death  

The effects of methylene chloride depend on several factors. Two factors are the dosage and what the product is for.   

Some of the applications for methylene chloride that do workers the most harm include:  

  • Bathtub refinishing  
  • Paint stripping  
  • Metal cleaning and degreasing  
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing  

What is a good methylene chloride replacement?  

Here at Ecolink, we offer one of the best methylene chloride replacements on the market in our product SAFE STRIP 

SAFE STRIP is a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative paint and resin solvent. This product is a great replacement for methylene chloride and other harmful solvents. It also has a lower Inhalation Hazard Index than both Meth and MEK.  

SAFE STRIP also has a variety of applications. It is an effective dissolvent for all coatings, such as epoxy and polyurethane resins. This product can also be brought to a temperature of 140 F and used multiple times.   

The benefits of using SAFE STRIP as a replacement are:  

  • Biodegradable  
  • Non-flammable  
  • Low VOC emissions  
  • One-step coating removal  
  • Performance equivalent to MEK and methylene chloride   
  • Non-zone depleting  

Looking for more methylene chloride replacement options?  

We here at Ecolink strive to offer our customers safe and eco-conscious cleaning product options. We have been dedicated to supplying industries like yours for over three decades and provide more than chemical solutions. If you would like to browse through our products, you can do so here. If you would prefer to speak with a member of our knowledgeable staff, we can be found here. Please do not hesitate to contact us today; we are just a click away from helping your industry thrive!