Methylene Chloride Banned: Understanding the Impact on Industry

The usage of methylene chloride, or dichloromethane (DCM) in products is becoming a fairly popular topic in the industrial world. The EPA proposed a new rule regarding dichloromethane under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) in May 2023. EPA’s rule (when finalized) would prohibit most industrial uses of DCM. The EPA has determined methylene chloride to be an unreasonable risk and a hazard to human health. In this blog, we will explain the dangers of DCM and suggest a solution that can be a replacement.  

Health Hazards of Methylene Chloride   

Dichloromethane, or CH2Cl2, is a colorless liquid utilized in many industries that can cause various health problems:  

  • Drowsiness   
  • Numbness   
  • Nausea   
  • Dizziness   
  • Tingling limbs   
  • Harmed eyes  
  • Damaged skin,  
  • Damaged liver  
  • Harmed heart   
  • Cancer   

Safe Strip   

If you need a paint and coating remover that is more environmentally friendly, Safe Strip is the product for you!   

Safe Strip effectively replaces hazardous solvents typically used for paint removal and paint cleanup, such as methylene chloride and more. This remover has a lower Inhalation Hazard Index than Meth, so it is safer to utilize in industrial and commercial settings. Other benefits of Safe Strip include the following:   

  • Biodegradable   
  • Non-flammable   
  • Non-ozone depleting   
  • Effective on a wide variety of cured and uncured coatings   
  • One-step coatings removal   
  • Low VOC emissions in use   

The chemical formula may be used in an immersion tank or as a brush-on and rinse-off solvent.   

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