Is Methyl Acetate The Same As Acetone

Methyl Acetate As a Replacement For Acetone

Methyl Acetate As a Replacement For Acetone

Methyl Acetate is offered as a replacement for Acetone! Ecolink offers Methyl Acetate, a non-HAP, VOC exempt replacement for Acetone. Did you know Methyl Acetate is used as an alternative to acetone? It reduces the cost and provides added performance benefits in some applications due to its high flash point and hydrophobic properties. Methyl Acetate is biodegradable, volatile compound exempt and non-HAP (hazardous air pollutant). Another benefit of using Methyl Acetate instead of Acetone is that it provides higher electrical resistance which is more efficient for coating applied by electrostatic.

Methyl Acetate is not only VOC exempt, but it is readily biodegradable which is great for protecting the environment without sacrificing performance. Another benefit that Methyl has over Acetone is that due to its hydrophobic nature it is an excellent cleaner even in contact with water, therefore, it  reduces defects that can occur in coating applied under humid conditions. Methyl Acetate also helps to extend the shelf stability of coating systems, minimizing product waste.

Methyl Acetate has excellent solvent properties and its high density helps to remove heavier contaminants. Methyl Acetate, unlike Acetone, has a low odor which is suitable for furniture and automotive applications. Methyl Acetate can also be applied in cosmetics such as perfume, and nail polish removers and it results less damaging for nails than Acetone.

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If you decide to go with Acetone instead of Methyl Acetate we provide that chemical as well. Please call (800) 563-1305 or send an email to and we will be happy to help you choose the right chemicals for you.