Applications of White Oil

What is White Oil?

White oil has a variety of names that correspond towards the intended use of the oil.  The general, and interchangeable, names are white oil and mineral oil. A few other names include paraffinum perliquidum, paraffin oil, liquid paraffin, and liquid petroleum.  White oil is a colorless and odorless mixture of higher alkanes from a mineral source. This mineral source is usually from a distillate of petroleum.

Uses for 70 White Oil

70 White Oil indicates the type of viscosity the oil carries.  The higher the number, the thicker the product is. 70 White Oil is mainly used towards consumer products and commodities that interacts with humans.  The areas the oil can be used in range from cosmetics to pharmaceuticals to food productions. Within cosmetics, white oil 70 can be used for:

  • Baby Oil
  • Creams and Lotions
  • Suntan Oils
  • Makeup removers
  • Hair Products  
  • And bath oils.

70 White Oil also has several applications within pharmaceuticals as being an ingredient within topical ointments and capsule ointments.  In the food industry, the product can be applied in egg coatings, coatings for fruit and vegetables, and within food packing materials.

Uses for 220 White Oil

Similar to 70 White oil, 220 White Oil is used in similar cosmetic products such as lotions, baby oil, and suntan oil.  They are also similar in their applications with the food industry by being found within food packing materials. The difference surfaces with the 220 White Oil being used within laxatives rather than topical ointments.  220 White Oil also plays a key role in the production of plastics and elastomers such as:

    • Polystyrene internal lubricants,
    • PVC external lubricants,
    • Plastic annealing, and
    • Catalyst carriers.

Uses for 350 White Oil

Similar to its other counterparts, 350 White Oil is used within baby oil, creams and lotions, suntan oil, and sunscreen within the personal care industry.   Just as 220 White Oil was used mainly towards laxatives in pharmaceuticals, 350 White Oil follows suite. Furthermore, 220 and 350 White Oil share identical applications with plastics and elastomers other than 350 White Oil being used within thermoplastic rubber extender oils.  Within the food industry, the product is used within bakery pan oils, food packing materials, and food grade lubricants and greasers.

Some other applications for mineral oil in general include:

  • Being used as a brake fluid
  • The use of it as a principle fuel in some scented candles
  • As a honing oil when sharpening edge tools
  • It being an inexpensive alternative for storing reactive metals
  • It being used within adhesives
  • And as an anti-rust agent for blades.

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