Sophie Unger Internship (2)

Melody’s Internship Experience

Who Am I?

My name is Melody Weckel Confer. I was a Digital Marketing Intern with Ecolink Inc. during the Summer of 2018. This was my first internship and Ecolink was the ideal company to work for. My director supervisors and my intern co-workers were extremely helpful and collaborative. I have gone on to recommend this opportunity to others at my college and in the Atlanta area.

What I Did I Do?

Ecolink gave me valuable experience that allowed me to obtain two subsequent marketing internships, one with the Professional Photographers of America, and one with the Piedmont National Corporation. As an English major, I love the opportunity to write 23 blog articles for the company’s e-commerce website and complete independent research into the company’s new product line. I learned how to use platforms that would benefit me in future roles, like WordPress, Hootesuite, and Canva. I also worked with my intern co-workers to develop a social media campaign derived from the company’s core cultural values.

Where Am I Now?

Ecolink gave me the valuable opportunity to gain experience in an office environment and get to know the world of digital marketing. I’ve since graduated from Oglethorpe University in May 2020 with a degree in English Literature, and a minor in Writing. I currently hold a part-time Marketing Content Writer position with Piedmont National, which wouldn’t have been possible without interning at Ecolink.

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