Isopropyl Alcohol Manufacturers: What Separates Them?

One of the advantages of living in a technologically advanced nation is that there are plenty of suppliers for almost any technology-based product you could possibly need, including isopropyl alcohol (IPA).

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If you require isopropyl alcohol for industrial grade cleaning operations, and you need some assistance choosing the right supplier, check out the following four factors that distinguish isopropyl alcohol manufacturers one from another. They can help you choose the right supplier.

  1. Purity of Solution

Consumer grade IPA commonly has a purity of just under 80%, while IPA for industrial cleaning operations typically has a purity of at least 99%. Looking at the purity levels of a manufacturer’s IPA solutions is a good way to determine whether the company is in the business-to-consumer (B2C) market or the business-to-business (B2B) market. As an industrial IPA user, choosing a B2B IPA manufacturer is the best option.

  1. Custom Formulation

High-purity IPA, without additional ingredients, is often used as a cleaner for general surfaces and specific types of parts (especially parts from electronics) However, IPA is also used as a base for cleaners that contain multiple ingredients. This opens the way for custom formulations of IPA cleaner that are designed to meet the needs of specific customers.

Not all isopropyl manufacturers offer custom formulations. If you can’t find a stock IPA cleaner that meets your needs, a custom IPA formulation can solve the problem.

  1. Free Samples

Many isopropyl alcohol manufacturers advertise industrial IPA cleaners as “drop in” solutions for quickly replacing other cleaners. The only way to be certain an IPA cleaner can be immediately substituted without additional measures is to test the solution before you buy.

Some manufacturers offer free samples and others don’t. When it comes to evaluating the efficacy of a IPA cleaner, working with a manufacturer that offers free test samples is optimal.

  1. Supply Options

Isopropyl alcohol manufacturers are also distinguished by the supply options they offer. For example, some offer supply-on-demand for low-volume users and some don’t. The same applies to bulk orders for high-volume users.

The supply options at your disposal can have a significant impact on the economics and logistics of using an IPA cleaner. Focus on choosing a manufacturer that offers a wide range of supply options designed to accommodate all users.

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If this is your first time evaluating isopropyl alcohol manufacturers, the range of options can be dizzying. When you choose Ecolink as your source for IPA, you receive industrial grade IPA, the option to produce a custom formulation through dilution with water or the addition of other ingredients, a free test sample of the degreaser you plan to buy, and the opportunity to customize supply options based on your volume and patterns of IPA use.

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