Is your Company Using the Best Industrial Cleaners?

“If it is not broke, do not fix it.” It is likely that at some point in your life, you have heard this ubiquitous quote in some manner. Regarding the industrial cleaning industry, this quote is quite true to point. The fact of the matter is most industrial businesses that use industrial cleaners to clean and degrease parts, metals, and materials or dirt, stains, rust, grime, oil, and other harmful particles have been using the exact same industrial cleaner for years, perhaps even decades. The problem with this is there have been a lot of changes, pertaining to advancements in chemical products and the law regarding what chemicals can be used to clean parts because of the health risks associated with the compound solvent. It is easy to understand why industrial businesses have not made the switch to a new industrial cleaner when the one they have been using for a long time, in their opinion, works fine. However, if these industrial companies were to conduct research into the subject, they would find that newer, stronger, safer, and less costly industrial cleaners are now available. Ecolink1

Now, your industrial company must ask itself the following question: is our company using the best industrial cleaner on the market? If your company has been using the same chemical cleaning solution for the last five years or longer, then the answer to the posed question is most likely no. Why? Significant advances have been made to industrial cleaners that render older model industrial solvents obsolete.

Most importantly, scientific research has found that older industrial cleaning solutions are filled with toxic chemicals and hazardous agents that could cause serious ramifications and dire long term effects to those who are in constant contact or even close proximity to these solvents. In addition, the hazardous cleaning agents hurt the environment. Today, there are eco friendly and green alternative solutions available that not only eliminate potential injury to people and to the environment, but also can clean and degrease better than older industrial cleaners.

Secondly, industrial companies are riddled with expensive liabilities and overhead that eat away at a business’ cash flow. Newer, cleaner industrial solvents are developed with chemical compounds that are safer and cheaper than older industrial chemical solutions. This means the cost of using these newer degreasing models is significantly less than what your company was paying for your current brand.

Safer industrial cleaning ingredients that are more effective and cheaper sounds too good to be true, but it is the truth. Ecolink – a company that has been pushing the eco friendly, green alternative movement for a safer and more efficient industrial cleaner for quite some time – can further explain the benefits to these newer industrial solutions, and will help you make the transition to these improved solvents. With the help of Ecolink, your company will soon be using the best industrial cleaner available today.