Is USP The Same As Pharmaceutical Grade

Is USP The Same As Pharmaceutical Grade?

If you are looking into different chemicals and solvents for the production of hand sanitizer, or other personal care products, you may be wondering, is USP the same as pharmaceutical grade? USP is the abbreviation for the US Pharmacopeia, who sets forth the various substance protocols and standards that chemicals must adhere to prove their potency and purity, and be classified into the high purity “pharmaceutical grade” class. Since the US Pharmacopeia sets the standard for the pharmaceutical grade chemical calls, to call a chemical like glycerine or alcohol USP means it is in fact pharmaceutical grade. These terms have come to prominence during the COVID-19 pandemic as many manufactures are beginning to produce hand sanitizer that adheres to the FDA formula that calls for USP or Pharmaceutical grade IPA and Glycerine 99.7%.

What are USP/Pharmaceutical grade chemicals used for?

  • Hand Sanitizer – The FDA has included glycerine 99.7% USP as a required ingredient for liquid hand sanitizers, due to its hypoallergenic and nonirritating properties, making this formula safer and more widely useable to more consumers.
  • Personal Care Products – Many personal care products such as acne treatments, mouth wash, toothpaste, lotions, and more contain pharmaceutical-grade solvents and chemicals as the active ingredient. It is very important that these personal care products contain the highest purity solvents to ensure quality and safety for users.
  • Pharmaceuticals – Pharmaceutical grade IPA is widely used in the manufacturing and production of various pharmaceuticals as a solvent ingredient.
  • Cosmetics – Pharmaceutical grade alcohol is also used as a solvent in various cosmetic products like pressed powders.

Is USP the same as pharmaceutical grade, and where can this grade be purchased?

In short, USP is the same as pharmaceutical grade. If you are looking for pharmaceutical grade chemicals and solvents in bulk for the production of hand sanitizer, or other personal care products Ecolink can help. Ecolink is a trusted, environmentally-friendly bulk supplier of high purity chemicals. Our customer care team will work with you to help you find the best products for your needs, at an affordable price. Contact us today to learn more.