is turpentine the same as mineral spirits

Is Turpentine The Same As Mineral Spirits 

Is turpentine the same as mineral spirits? No, it is not. While turpentine and mineral spirits may share some similar applications they are different as turpentine is derived from pine wood, while mineral spirits are derived from petroleum. However, because turpentine and mineral spirits are used in similar practices, many people consider them to be closely related. Some notable characteristics of turpentine are that it is insoluble in water, odorless, and contains poisonous ingredients like hydrocarbons. If you need help deciding between turpentine and mineral spirits for your particular applications, Ecolink can help! Our skilled team of chemists is here to help you understand the specific benefits and applications of each chemical to ensure you pick the best solution for your needs 

Benefits and Applications of Turpentine and Mineral Spirits:

  • Effective solvent properties 
  • Good cleaning agent 
  • Odorless 
  • Fast drying 
  • Degreasing and extraction solvent 
  • Varnishes 
  • Lacquer 
  • Paints 

Benefits shopping for mineral spirits with Ecolink offer you: 

  • Bulk Supply –  Ecolink offers bulk sizing for all our chemical products. Offering convenient sizing from 5- gallon buckets to 55-gallon drums we can accommodate facilities of different sizes and provide the benefits of bulk pricing.
  • Knowledge and Experience –  Is turpentine the same as mineral spirits? Let the experts explain the differences! Ecolink has over 30 years of knowledge and experience to share with our clients and make sure you choose the best chemicals for your applications. We will also provide proper use and storage instructions to keep yourself and your facility safe.
  • High Quality – You can trust that the chemicals you receive from Ecolink are high quality, stable, and safe to use with proper use and handling practices.
  • Eco-Friendly – In addition to a large list of traditional chemicals, Ecolink also offers a line of green chemicals alternatives that are environmentally preferred. At Ecolink we are dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of the chemical industry and can help you make your practice more sustainable. 

Is Turpentine The Same As Mineral Spirits?

If you are asking questions like “is turpentine the same as mineral spirits?” and need more clarification to choose the best chemicals for your needs, Contact Ecolink Here! One of our knowledgeable experts will be able to answer your questions and provide you with the right chemical to get the job done!