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Difference Between Acetone And Acetate 

What is the difference between acetone and acetate? To adequately explain the differences between acetone and acetate, it is important to define each individually. 

What is Acetone? Acetone is one of the most common organic solvents available today. It is a highly flammable compound with a pungent odor that is easily recognizable. Acetone is often found in products like nail polish remover and in paint thinners. Being a solvent, it is also often used as a paint stripper and industrial cleaning agent. Other applications that involve acetone include the removal of dried glue, cleaning 3D printers, and laboratory processes. 

Historically, acetone is said to have been first produced in the early 17th century by the process of distilling lead acetate. Various scientists in the following 200 years developed the chemical equation breakdown of acetone but the first industrial production of acetone was developed by Chaim  Weizmann and naturally named the Weizmann Process. 

What is Acetate? Acetate is, for intents and purposes a salt, that is formed when acetic acid is combined with an alkaline base. Broadly meaning, a negatively charged ion that is considered  exempt from being a volatile organic compound (VOC) 

The key difference between acetone and acetate is that acetone is a naturally occurring compound and acetate is an ingredient created as an additive for other substances. Acetate is a common additive in products like cosmetics, cleaning supplies, and textiles

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