Is IPA a Good Solvent for Resin Removal?

IPA is a common chemical solvent often used to clean and degrease industrial machinery, but is IPA a good solvent for resin removal? The answer is yes. If you are using 3D or SLA printers in your line of work, you know that these printers must be cleaned after use to remove any leftover resin or build up. Resin build up and spills, if not properly cleaned and removed, can cause damage or impact the functionality of your 3D printer, so it is important that these machines are cleaned with a chemical solvent as part of regular maintenance. IPA is recommended for resin removal on 3D printers for many reasons. IPA is affordable, effective, and will not damage your 3D printing equipment.

Why is IPA a Good Solvent for Resin Removal?

  • Cost Effective – Compared to similar degreasing chemicals, IPA is not only less harsh, but it is more affordable when compared to IPA alternatives.
  • Safe to Use – IPA has a high evaporation rate and low water content which prevents equipment from being damaged by moisture or pooling.
  • Powerful Degreaser – IPA is great for degreasing and degumming, and can easily cut through and dissolve leftover resin build up, leaving behind a clean surface.

Need to Buy IPA for Resin Removal?

If you are looking to purchase IPA, you want to be sure find a knowledgeable chemical provider who will supply you with a high purity, affordable, solvent that is right for your needs. When you work with Ecolink, you will receive all of this and more. Ecolink is an environmentally conscious provider of chemical solvents who will supply you with a high quality product and the necessary knowledge for safe use and handling. Ecolink also has the ability to fill and ship bulk orders, so iff you would like to learn more about Ecolink and IPA for resin removal, contact us today!