What Are The Best Solvents For Oil Extraction?

Before diving into the best solvents for oil extraction, you should understand the solvent extraction process. Oil extraction is simply the process of pulling oil out of plants like seeds or nuts, that produce consumer products such as olive oil, cbd oil, sunflower oil, and many others. There are several methods of extraction that involve processes such as pressing, squeezing, or steaming the subject to extract oil, but one of the most efficient and cost effective methods is solvent extraction. In this process a low VOC or low toxicity solvent is mixed with the plant product to extract oil. The mixture of the solvent and plant oil is then boiled, allowing the solvent to evaporate, leaving behind just the plant oil products. There are several types of low VOC solvents that can be used for this process, each with their own benefits, and it is important to understand the differences before purchasing a large solvent supply.

Safe Solvents for Oil Extraction:

  • Acetone – Acetone is a potent solvent that dissolves and extracts with ease, and it’s high evaporation rate expedites the evaporation portion of the extraction process, sometimes eliminating the need to use heat.
  • Hexane – Hexane is a popular solvent for extraction as it has a very low VOC, is safe to be used with goods produced for consumption, and it produces no foul odor or poisonous fumes. All of this coupled with hexane’s low boiling point, it is considered a safe, fast, easy to use solvent for extraction.
  • Isopropyl Alcohol – IPA is also a low VOC solvent, making it ideal for extraction. IPA is also less flammable when compared to similar solvents used for extraction and in concentrations of 95% or higher, yields more oil than other, weaker solvents.

 Looking for the Best Solvents for Oil Extraction?

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