Industrial Paint Solvents: Safer Choices Are Possible

Industrial paint solvents are used to dissolve or disperse certain components used during formulation and for removal. They aid in creating the desired application consistency and then evaporate to allow the coat to dry quickly. Industrial paint solvents deliver several benefits including increased durability, decorative coatings, and glossy indoor/outdoor application options. New application methods emerge every day thanks to technology, but many still do not deliver the same results as traditional solvent-based coatings.

Industrial paint solvents are beneficial, but also pose specific health risks in manufacturing environments. For many industries, they are simply necessary to achieve the most effective results. Choosing the right solvent has proven to be difficult because the choice entails several variables and the selection is system-dependent. If the goal is to find an effective environmentally friendly choice, it is not as simple as substituting another solvent. The process requires a detailed assessment of needs before a substitute or newly formulated solvent is possible.

What Makes Industrial Paint Solvents Dangerous?
Industrial paint solvents have a direct impact on the environment, which stems from a combination of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and environmental factors such as heat. While not every potential hazard is avoidable, you can choose an industrial paint solvent offering the same results with lower vaporization and evaporation qualities. When VOCs mix with nitrogen oxides in the environment and the right temperatures are present, they react to produce ground-level ozone, which in turn affects the environment.

Industrial paint solvents with lower or no VOCs are simply safer than traditional choices. Cleaners used to remove paints such as thinners or for surface preparation must also be safer to ensure the best results. In order for an industrial paint solvent to less harmful, it must have minimal VOC’s, not deplete the ozone, and evaporate at a slower rate to avoid extensive release into the atmosphere. Many companies are able to formulate unique solvents to meet coating needs that are less harmful for the environment.

Finding a Greener, Healthier Option
Is it possible to have a more environmentally friendly solution in place that provides the same results? Would you like to create a safer environment for your workers at an affordable cost? The answer is yes to both questions as a number of safer industrial paint solvent choices are available for use in industries like automotive, consumer products, and paint production. As your company searches for a better option, it is important to remember that there are no perfect chemicals.

The process of finding the right alternative involves selecting or formulating the least harmful choice while still achieving the removal or application goal. At Ecolink, we place every product on what we call the “hazard ladder” to provide a foundation for evaluating alternative options. Your specific application needs will be a main driver during selection or formulation. For an acceptable alternative, it will involve evaluating the application and finding an option capable of delivering the desired coat without placing abundant hazards into the air during evaporation. If current options are simply not cutting it, we can formulate an industrial paint solvent based on your needs to help you achieve the best results.