Degreasing Machine: Special Formulated Solvents Have Two Important Benefits

If you use a degreasing machine to clean parts in a production environment, then the cleaner utilized to remove contaminants is just as important as the machine itself. Degreasing machines come in several forms to offer an effective, efficient range of choices for removing contaminants. Whether using an immersion washer a vapor washer, the chemicals used to do the job pose certain risks, which must be addressed to protect workers and the environment.

Certain solvents are not the best choice as they release harmful compounds during the evaporation process. At the same time, the wrong cleaner will deliver less than desirable results. Any business using a degreasing machine needs the right cleaner to remove unwanted contaminants and a specially formulated option offers the chance to reduce exposure to harmful byproducts of the process.

Understanding Different Approaches
Solvent-based degreasing machines have the highest risk during use because they emit volatile organic compounds; however, they are often the most effective for several applications. These machines typically use a petroleum, chlorine, or alcohol based solvent for dissolving contaminants residing on the part. The solvent is applied to the part either by spraying, brushing or wiping to remove contaminants such as:

  • Oil
  • Grease
  • Dirt
  • Loose Particles
  • Other Contaminants

Degreasing machines are used to keep surfaces clean during the production processes in numerous industries. Spraying is a common cold solvent application on small maintenance jobs or to prepare a part for further cleaning. Immersion into an agitation tank is a suitable choice when mass contaminant removal is needed and common in numerous manufacturing facilities. Degreasing machines simply make it more feasible to remove contaminants from many parts at a time and support the manufacturing process. These methods produce fewer emissions than vapor machines, require less venting, and are generally safer.

Why Have a Cleaner Specially Formulated?
Most facilities require degreasing machines to maintain quality and the agents used for this process are often extremely harmful. Even though environmentally safe options are available, they sometimes do not provide the desired results. Having a unique solvent formulated for use in current degreasing machines ensures that the chemicals utilized during these processes are less harmful and equally effective. Solvent substitution is an option for reducing VOC emissions as well as for finding an alternative to solvents on the verge of being restricted or even banned. A custom solvent can have these among other qualities:

  • Little to No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • No Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs)
  • Fast Drying Qualities
  • Non-Flammable
  • Non Ozone Depleting

A specially formulated cleaner in many cases also offers better results than the traditional choices. At Ecolink, we offer a large variety of solvent substitutions for degreasing machines that not only help in this conversion but also provide an environmentally conscious option for the same cleaning results. We also are able to create a custom solution to aid in achieving the right balance of performance, cost efficiency, and spec conformance without jeopardizing health or safety. Contact us today to see how we are able to blend, label, and package the solution you need for effective removal without the dangers of traditional degreasing machine formulas.