Genesolv HCFC 141b – Replacement Options for Cleaning Gauges

HCFC 141b is still available!

If you were using Honeywell’s Genesolv 2000 or 2004 and are not able to source HCFC 141b, please call 800 886-8240 or email

HCFC 141b is SCAQMD compliant and works especially well for cleaning non-oxygen system gauges used in lubricating and hydraulic service such as on submarines. A common method to clean these types of gauges involves a piece of equipment specifically designed to clean gauges with a liquid solvent and then remove the residual solvent using a vacuum pump. The solvent is pumped into the gauge and circulated. The residual liquid is then removed using a vacuum pump. The vacuum removal process lowers the pressure inside the gauge enough to make the solvent liquid vaporize and be removed as a gas. The machine then collects the spent liquid solvent in a container. 3M’s HFE-71DE, NSN 6850-01-459-0069 is also approved for this type of cleaning application. If you are not fully satisfied with cleaning performance, cost, service, etc. for sourcing and cleaning with HFE-71DE, please call or email us to discuss your technical requirements and where HCFC 141b can satisfy your critical cleaning needs.

HCFC 141b is ‘the’ solvent where the following conditions are mission critical:

  • The solvent must work in an existing gauge-cleaning machine. (Liquids that are in the gauge must be vaporized for removal.)
  • The solvent must not be flammable or combustible.
  • The solvent must not generate a hazardous waste when spent.

Attention all users of Honeywell Genesolv® SF, Genesolv® S-TZ & Genesolv® S-T

Please call 800 886-8240 or email to discuss cost effective alternatives. The Genesolve S series are very costly materials and ‘may’ be used in less than critical cleaning applications. As HCFC 141b supplies continue to dwindle the list of alternatives continue to expand. There is no one size fits all that meets cleaning performance, environmental/health/safety and cost-benefit criteria. Whether you are in a bulk or aerosol cleaning application, we strongly recommend matching the value of the cleaner to the value of the part, equipment, and/or labor.