Ecolink Wins Awards – Energy Conservation & Sustainability

Ecolink Inc., a leader in industrial cleaners and solvents wins two awards

In front of a sold out crowd during 2010 Natural Leaders Award ceremony, Ecolink Inc. accepted two awards from Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue for energy conservation and environmental stewardship. Ecolink was the only Georgia organization to receive multiple awards from Conserve Georgia and Georgia Department of Natural Resources – Sustainability Division.

Following an EPA Region 4 sponsored Lean and Green event, Ecolink Inc. embarked on a 12-month journey to reduce their resource consumption. During the 2010 Natural Leaders Award, Ecolink Inc. was recognized for reducing their electricity by 35% surpassing Governor Perdue’s Energy Challenge of 15% reduction by 2020. Through energy conservation, more than 7 tons of coal was prevented from mining, transportation and burning. Between energy conservation and improving logistics and accounting systems, the company was able to reduce more than $100,000 from annual operating expenses.

Additional environmental savings include:

  • 19 trees
  • 31,000 lb of CO2
  • 70,000 pages of paper reduced
  • 80,000 pages of paper converted – 100% recycled
  • 28,800 lbs of waste to landfill eliminated
  • 6,000 lbs of packaging materials used in products eliminated

In addition to financial and environmental benefits, Ecolink Inc. contributed to numerous education, outreach and awareness initiatives including presenting their “Business Case for Sustainability” during 201o National Environmental Sustainability Summit in Orlando, FL and 5th Annual Georgia Environmental Conference in Savannah, GA. To reach a broader audience, Ecolink also presented multiple webinars to Lean & Environment work group and during EPA’s P2 week. Articles are also available on Georgia’s Department of Natural Resources – Sustainability Division website and scheduled to appear on EPA Region 4’s website.

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