CRC Leak Detector for Aviation Maintenance: An Overview

In business since 1958 and Headquartered in Warminster, Pennsylvania, CRC® Industries is a global manufacturer and supplier of industrial chemical solutions for aviation maintenance and other applications.

In this entry, we look at one of the company’s best products for aviation maintenance: CRC leak detector — a solution that Ecolink can improve on by providing an aerosol leak detector that delivers the same level of performance for a lower price (as much as 50% less).

Using CRC Leak Detector

As its name indicates, CRC leak detector is used for a specific purpose: detecting leaks. According to the manufacturer’s website, the product is “formulated for the quick and easy site detection of gas leaks and air leaks,” with common applications including leak detection in “refrigeration units, air conditioning systems, exhausts, pipes, valves, screw connectors, welding seams, and compressors.”

If an aircraft part leaks enough gas or air to disrupt the thin, liquid coating the product provides, the leak is detected easily. In some cases, leak detection is essential is for providing a good customer service experience (e.g. leak detection in refrigerators and air conditioners).

In other cases, detection of leaks is essential for aircraft safety (e.g. leak detection in tire valves and engine pipes). In each case, the goal is to detect leaks before they increase and cause additional problems.

CRC leak detector replaces amateur, unreliable forms of leak detection, such as spraying a valve with a soap and water solution, while looking for soap bubbles that leaks produce. Unlike Do-It-Yourself (DIY) solutions, the consistency and reactivity of CRC’s product is designed for detecting leaks of all pressures, thus offering more reliability than alternative methods of detection that don’t use official, professionally developed leak detection technology.

Product Safety Profile         

In addition to its utilitarian benefits, CRC leak detector offers the advantage of good product safety for the end user. Below are four characteristics of the product that quantify the point.

  • No flashpoint
  • Relatively low VOC density of 5.3%
  • Non-regulated VOC category
  • Removable with plain water

The product’s relatively low VOC density and non-combustible formulation make it acceptable to use in indoor spaces, such as aircraft hangers and garages, and safe to apply in the presence of ignition sources, such as spark streams from maintenance operations (e.g. grinding or flame cutting metal). Common sense safety precautions such as wearing the right level of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and using air filtration that removes VOCs should be taken.

Shopping for a Leak Detector?

If you need a solution for detecting leaks in commercial or industrial aviation equipment, aerosol CRC leak detector is a good option for the job. But why use CRC when you can pay less for a stock or custom replacement from Ecolink that delivers the same or better performance?

To request more information about CRC leak detector replacement, contact us today at (800) 563-1305, or send us an email through our contact form. We look forward to providing a safe, eco-friendly leak detector that improves aviation maintenance!