Paint Gun Cleaners: The Benefits of Using Safe Strip

Industrial paint guns disperse paint uniformly at a high rate of speed, making it possible for manufacturers to paint thousands of pieces a day. Like most other industrial equipment, paint guns need regular maintenance to keep operating smoothly. More specifically, they need to have accumulated layers of dry paint removed from interior and exterior parts. This is what Safe Strip does, while offering end users the following six benefits.

  1. Biodegradable

Used Safe Strip doesn’t have to end up buried in a chemical landfill. The solvent readily biodegrades, making it non-threatening to the environment in practically any quantity. Disposing of paint gun cleaners in a biodegradable manner helps reduce chemical waste disposal cost.

  1. Non-Flammable

Safe Strip has a flashpoint of 190° F, which classifies it as a non-flammable solvent. High-powered paint gun cleaners are traditionally some of the most flammable cleaning solutions on the market, but Safe Strip breaks the trend, and it’s safer to use and store for doing so.

  1. Low VOC Emissions

It’s always a good idea to wear a respirator when applying paint remover, but if you walk through a space where Safe Strip is used, and you aren’t wearing one, you won’t grow dizzy and pass out from a high density of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the air. Safe Strip’s VOC content is 968 gm/liter, which is exceptionally low compared to most traditional paint removers.

  1. One Step Coating Removal

If you’ve ever used residential grade paint remover to remove a paint coating that’s several layers deep, you probably know the frustration of having to perform the task repeatedly to get best results. Safe Strip has the strength to remove paint build-up in one cleaning operation. The solvent is designed for the efficiency of industrial operations, and it shows.

  1. Performs similar to MEK and methylene chloride

Unlike some traditional paint gun cleaners, Safe Strip is a non-chlorinated solvent that offers efficacy at the level of chlorinated solvents such as MEK and methylene chloride. If you currently use a toxic, chlorinated solvent for cleaning paint guns, consider switching to Safe Strip.

  1. No Ozone Depletion

In addition to its biodegradability, Safe Strip is environmentally preferred because its vapors don’t deplete the ozone layer. In turn, this makes the solvent a great option for outfits that are located in low emission zones (LEZ) due ozone depletion and other chemical emission concerns.

Who We Are

For over 15 years, Ecolink has supplied companies and organizations with environmentally preferred and environmentally safe solvent solutions. In addition to providing a wide selection of stock solvents, we also offer custom formulations that are designed for the needs of specific users. If Safe Strip doesn’t meet your requirements, we can create a paint remover that does.

To learn more about our paint gun cleaners, call us today at (800) 563-1305, or send us an email using the contact form on our website. We look forward to learning about your paint removal needs and see what we can do to help.