Cooling Tower Water Chemicals

Cooling Tower Water Chemicals 

Why are cooling tower water chemicals needed? The primary objective of a cooling tower is to maintain healthy working conditions in your buildings. To enable a cooling tower to operate efficiently and keep the HVAC functioning within environmental compliance laws,  water treatment chemicals are fed through the systems to control and minimize the growth of compounds, dirt, grime, pathogens, bacteria, and more that can cause deposit buildup, scaling, corrosion and blockages in the systems. 

Deposit formation control is vital to keep in check in all cooling towers and water treatment chemicals are designed to control deposit buildups. Two of the common types of deposits found in cooling towers are scale and biofouling. Scale deposits and biofouling are often best controlled by using specific types of water treatment chemicals. At Ecolink we provide a range of cooling tower water chemicals designed specifically for cooling towers and speaking to our chemists and field experienced technicians, will provide you with the expertise you require to find the best water treatment chemicals for your needs.

Benefits of Shopping for Cooling Tower Water Chemicals with Ecolink : 

  • Bulk Supply – Ecolink makes buying in bulk easy by offering cooling tower water chemicals in large quantities from 5 to 55 gallons, ensuring you have enough of the chemical you need at an affordable price. 
  • Knowledge and Experience – Ecolink has been a trusted bulk chemical supplier for over 30 years. Our expert chemists will work closely with you to understand your needs and recommend the best chemicals for your particular applications.
  • Eco-Friendly – In addition to a full range of traditional chemicals and industrial cleaning agents, Ecolink also offers a wide variety of green chemical alternatives. Ecolink is dedicated to the environment and reducing the carbon footprint of the chemical industry by helping provide more sustainable chemical options.

Want To Learn More About Water Treatment Chemicals? 

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