Common MEK Solvent Uses

MEK (methyl ethyl ketone), also known as butante, is a common chemical solvent used for a wide variety of industrial and consumer applications. Known for its low toxicity levels and potent cleaning abilities, there are several industries that utilize this versatile solvent. Whether it is for cleaning machinery, or producing a consumer good, many businesses can benefit from the use of a high quality bulk supply of MEK or butane.  If you are unfamiliar with MEK these are some of the more common MEK solvent uses, and industries that should consider using this chemical solvent in bulk.

Practical Applications and MEK Solvent Uses 

  • Industrial Cleaner and Degreaser – One of the most common applications of MEK is in cleaning and degreasing industrial machinery. MEK has a lower evaporation rate and higher boiling point than similar chemical solvents, like acetone, making it a stronger cleaning agent that can remove sticky substances from machinery, allowing them to run efficiently.
  • Solvent Ingredient in Consumer Goods – Some other common MEK solvent uses are as additives in consumer goods like printing inks, adhesives, dry erase markers, or surface coatings. As MEK evaporates at a slower pace, it is an ideal solvent for these liquidus products.
  • Manufacturing – MEK is often also used in the production of products like plastic, vinyl, textiles, and paraffin waxes.
  • Food Products – MEK is often found occurring naturally in food products like milk, apple juice, beans, chicken, and honey. While the FDA has declared MEK safe in food as an indirect additive where is occurs naturally, it should not be directly added into food products as consumption of too much MEK can be harmful.

While these are some common MEK solvent uses and sources, there are many more applications of MEK as an additive or cleaning agent. If your business uses a lot of MEK and could benefit from a reliable bulk supplier, contact Ecolink. Ecolink is a reliable and environmentally friendly supplier of chemical solvents like MEK. For a bulk supply quote or to learn more about MEK, contact us today!