Benefits of Cobalt-Free Batteries for the Environment 

Cobalt is a chemical element that is one of the essential materials used to create the lithium-ion battery that’s used in everything from remotes to computers. However, the popularity of this element is decreasing due to how expensive it is. Many manufacturers are making the switch to cobalt-free batteries that work just as well if not better than batteries with this material.

While cost is one of the main reasons manufacturers are choosing batteries without cobalt, environmental reasons are also important. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the benefits of cobalt-free batteries for the environment. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Batteries Without Cobalt?

Cobalt mines exist in several parts of the world and are extremely damaging to the environment. Mining releases large quantities of carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide emissions into the air, which is dangerous to all living beings—including humans. Those who live near or work in a cobalt mine are put at a higher risk of excess exposure and serious consequences to their health.  

When companies use less harmful materials to create cobalt-free batteries, they are helping… 

  • Reduce harmful emissions into the environment 
  • Reduce risk to workers’ health 
  • Ensure little to no battery shortages 
  • Create products with longer battery life 

One of the less toxic elements that are replacing cobalt in more eco-friendly batteries is manganese. Here are some of the reasons why manganese-based batteries are a better choice: 

  • Lower cost 
  • Mined ethically 
  • Cause little to no damage to the environment 

Since cobalt batteries have been used for several years, it’ll take time for some companies to jump on board and switch to greener alternatives. However, many car companies are beginning to implement eco-friendly battery options into their manufacturing processes, showing other companies that it’s possible to make the switch. 

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