Why Was BioSafe 1025 Discontinued?  

Resin and coating solvents are notorious for their strength and reliability since they are depended on by many workers to weaken and strip various tough coatings. Unfortunately, most of these solvents come with a dangerous cost, as they are usually highly toxic to both humans and the environment.  

One example of these risky solvents is BioSafe 1025, which was eventually discontinued, presumably because of the health hazards and environmental risks associated with the product.  

Why Was Biosafe 1025 Discontinued?  

Though BioSafe 1025 was relied on by many companies for removing resins and coatings, the product possessed multiple hazards: 

  • Flammability 
  • Reproductive toxicity  
  • Severe eye irritant 
  • Respiratory irritant 
  • Skin irritant 
  • Environmental toxicity  

Are there any Safer Alternatives? 

Since many relied on this product before its discontinuation, they may be looking for a safer alternative that is just as effective.  

One example of the ideal replacement for BioSafe 1025 is Safe Strip, an environmentally preferred paint and resin solvent. Not only is Safe Strip safer for the environment, but it creates a significantly safer work environment with its desirable characteristics: 

  • Biodegradable 
  • Recyclable 
  • Non-flammable 
  • Powerful performance, comparable to solvents like MEK and methylene chloride 
  • Low VOC emissions 
  • No ozone-depleting components 
  • Effective on all coatings, including high-solids epoxy and polyurethane resins 
  • Removes coatings in only one step 
  • Significantly lower Inhalation Hazard Index than MEK or methylene chloride, making it much safer for commercial and industrial use.  
  • Can be used in immersion tanks, gun cleaning tanks, or as a brush-on, rinse-off solvent 

With the formulation of a product like Safe Strip, companies no longer have to compromise worker and environmental safety for quality, as Safe Strip balances the effectiveness of traditional solvents with environmentally-friendly characteristics.  

Looking to Purchase Safe Strip for Your Business or Industrial Needs?  

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