What Is Cooling Tower Chemical Dosing?

What Is Cooling Tower Chemical Dosing?

Industrial systems utilize the cooling mechanism of water evaporation to remove heat from high-powered mechanical processes. Often, the water used is from a natural source, and not filtered before it is circulated through the cooling tower. Due to this, the water often contains many extra minerals and organic materials. 

Cooling tower chemical dosing is used to prevent damage to the system by mitigating the effects of mineral buildup and preventing biological accumulation. 

Depending on the scale and fouling levels of the water tower, different methods are more effective. Here is an overview of some of the most common procedures: 

Shot Dosing 

This method involves chemicals being added manually and following a set schedule. Shot dosing is the cheapest method but can lead to different levels of concentration. 


  A pump continuously releases chemicals into a simple automated system. However, because there is a constant stream, it is important to monitor the water to make sure the levels released are still effective and not causing additional corrosion. 


Similar to the continuous release system, an automated pump releases chemicals on a timer. This method should be used in conjunction with occasional water testing. 

Proportional (based on bleed-off volume) 

Bleed-off, also known as blowdown, refers to the portion of water that is removed from the system and replaced with new water. This type of proportional dosing measures the flow of bleed-off and adds chemicals based on that flow to keep the levels consistent. 

Proportional (based on make-up water volume)  

Similar to bleed-off proportional dosing, this method uses sensors to measure the rate new water enters the system and adds chemicals to maintain a constant concentration. 

Sensor Controlled 

This method directly measures the concentration of chemicals in the cooling tower water and adjusts the input of dosing chemicals to maintain safe levels. 

Interested in Chemical Dosing for Your Cooling Tower? 

As expressed above, there are many ways to use chemicals in your cooling tower to increase efficiency. Depending on the issues you face, different chemicals and application methods may be more effective.  

Ecolink’s experts are industry professionals with a wide range of knowledge about the best chemical products. We’re happy to assist you in finding the right method for your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us!