What Are the Best Uses of Acetone?

Acetone is a potent and versatile chemical compound that is used in many industries and products as both a solvent and cleaning agent. Due to the fact that acetone is a naturally occurring, non-toxic, organic, compound it is considered safe and gentle enough for many personal care uses. Acetone is present in many products used by the average person every day. From cosmetics, to gasoline, to pharmaceuticals, and sterilization of medical tools, acetone is a daily necessity for many.

How and Where Acetone is Used:

  • Gasoline – One of the most common uses of acetone is in gasoline for cars. The Petroleum industry uses acetone as an additive to thin out gasoline, allowing it to move easily through the engine and increase fuel efficiency.
  • Environmental Cleanup – One of the best uses of acetone for the environment, is as a cleaning agent after disastrous oil spills. Acetone is used to contain oil spills in water and gently clean animals who have been affected.
  • Art and Home Improvement – Acetone is used to clean and dissolve oil based paint, as well as to clean paint brushes and other paint tools.
  • Cosmetics – Many cosmetic products such as face creams and lotions contain acetone as an ingredient to thin the product. Acetone is also the main ingredient in nail polish remover.
  • Pharmaceuticals – In the pharmaceutical industry, acetone is often used as a solvent in fillers and active ingredients to ensure accurate dosage of medicine.
  • Medical – Acetone is also commonly used in the medical field to clean and sterilize medical tools and equipment.

Looking to Purchase Acetone?

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