What Are The Best Uses of Acetone in Bulk Quantities?

Acetone is a versatile chemical compound and some of the best uses of acetone are in everyday products. Acetone is an organic compound that has a high evaporation rate and is safe to use and handle due to it’s low toxicity rate. From everyday cosmetic products, to high production industrial facilities, acetone can be found being used as a safe, cost effective solvent, additive, or cleaning agent.

If you business regularly uses acetone as an additive ingredient or as a cleaning agent, you should consider purchasing acetone in bulk to help save money. Ecolink is an environmentally conscious supplier of bulk chemicals like acetone, who can help to find the right chemical and quantity for your needs.

Best Uses of Acetone Across Industries: 

  • Pharmaceutical – Acetone is regularly used as a solvent in pharmaceutical products, like prescription medication, to deliver accurate dosage of active ingredients.
  • Industrial – Many industrial factory and manufacturing plants will use acetone and a cleaner and degreaser. Due to acetone’s high evaporation rate and degumming ability, it is the perfect cleaner for industrial machinery to prevent build up after uses.
  • Medical – Acetone can also be used to clean and sanitize medical tools and equipment in hospitals or doctors offices.
  • Cosmetic – Acetone is the main ingredient in nail polish remover that can be purchased in drug store and found at salons. It is also an additive ingredient in other cosmetic products like face creams and body lotions.
  • Environmental – Due to the low toxicity levels of acetone, it is safe to use to clean up after disastrous oil spills. Acetone is often used to clean oil from the skin or fur of affected wildlife.

Looking for Acetone in Bulk?

While these are some of the best uses of acetone across an array of industries, there are still many other practical uses and businesses that could benefit from the use of a high quality, bulk acetone supply.  Contact us today to learn more about our high purity, environmentally friendly, bulk chemical supplies.