Why Is Hexane Used for Extraction?

Extraction is a process that is used to harvest oils from organic products like seeds, nuts, olives, fruits, and vegetables to produce oils, but why is hexane used for extraction, and how does it work? Hexane is a chemical solvent that presents as a clear, odorless liquid that has a high evaporation rate and low boiling point, which makes hexane an ideal chemical for extraction. In addition to having the ideal properties for extraction hexane also produces no toxic fumes which is preferred for the safety of the user.

How Does the Hexane Extraction Process Work?

Now that you know that hexane is a preferred chemical for oil extraction, you may be wondering how the process works. In chemical extraction of oils, the seeds or other oil producing fruits are ground up and flattened into a round and then covered in a solvent that will extract oil from the subject. This mixture is then left to sit and the solvent will evaporate, leaving behind the extracted oils. This one method of chemical extraction while others use the help of heat and steam to aid the process. So why is hexane used for extraction? Because hexane evaporates quickly and will boil at 154.4 degrees Fahrenheit, in addition to having low toxicity levels, hexane is the preferred solvent for both methods of extraction. 

Where Can You Buy Hexane? 

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