What Is CBDA?

What is CBDA? CBDA is a cannabidiolic acid, that is the precursor of CBD. CBD oil is often talked about and used to treat various ailments including anxiety and physical pain. However, CBDA also offers several benefits, but is not nearly as well known as CBD. Both CBDA and CBD are produced by cannabis plants like hemp. CBDA is an acid that naturally occurs in hemp. After time and exposure to heat or sunlight, CBDA eventually turns into CBD. However CBDA can be extracted and used on its own for a variety of applications.

What is CBDA used for? CBDA can be extracted and used to treat nausea induced by both chemical and motion disturbances. There have even been studies that suggest CBDA can be effective in treating the migration of cancer cells. Another study showed that CBDA has the ability to slow or even prevent breast cancer from metastasizing.

Both CBD and CBDA are great, organic, cannabis products that are extremely helpful in treating the side effects and causes of various illnesses. One of the best ways to gather large amounts of both CBD and CBDA is through solvent extraction. 

What is CBDA solvent extraction? This is a process in which organic materials like hemp or other cannabis plants are soaked in an extraction solvent. This solvent and heat are applied to the plant in order to draw out the CBDA or CBD. Once the oil has separated from the plant, the solvent evaporates, and you are left with a usable product. 

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What is CBDA Extraction and Where Can You Learn More?

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