The Use and Safety of Water Soluble Non Flammable Solvent

The primary qualities of water soluble non flammable solvent are implied by the product’s general classification. It can be supplied in concentrated form that is diluted with water to create a solution that delivers the perfect degree of cleaning power. In addition, the water soluble formulation allows the product to be cleaned away with the proper application of water. These qualities give the product a highly diverse usage profile in terms of how it is applied.

In addition to having a diverse usage profile, water soluble non flammable solvent has an excellent safety profile in terms of preventing fires in the environment where it is used. Cleaning energized electrical equipment, applying the product in environments with obvious ignition sources such as flames, and storing the product in areas that contain combustibles are obvious safety advantages of using non flammable solvent instead of solvent that has a low flashpoint.

Additional Benefits of Water Soluble Non Flammable Solvent
In addition to having a wide range of application and an excellent safety profile regarding fire prevention, water soluble non flammable solvent can deliver additional benefits that you should carefully consider before ordering a solvent that is not water soluble and has a listed flashpoint.

  1. Efficient Application

Acquiring the solvent in concentrated form supports a highly efficient method of application. The cleaning power of the concentrated solution can be infinitesimally altered by mixing it with different percentages of water. For a light cleaning solvent, apply lots of water. To create a heavy duty cleaning solution, apply a smaller amount of water. It can be like having several cleaners in one.

  1. Highly Cost Effective

The efficient application of the product makes it highly cost effective. Instead of purchasing multiple strengths of a water soluble non flammable solvent, simply purchase it in concentrated form and have your workers create a solution that has the requisite cleaning power. If you are looking to cut down on solvent expense, purchasing this type of solvent is one way to do it.

  1. Efficient for Clean Up

Water soluble non flammable solvent is highly efficient when it comes to solvent clean up. Simply apply water in the proper capacity to wash any excess solvent into the waste trap. However, before you take this measure, be sure the equipment / material you are cleaning can be cleaned with water. For example, precision electrical parts should not have water applied.

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