The Advantages of Using Water Based Solvents for a Parts Washer

When we think about cleaning things with water, we often about removing light accumulations of dirt and food based residues. Water works great for removing these substances, but it can also remove much tougher accumulations when it is used in the form of an industrial grade water based solvent that is placed in an industrial parts washing system.

If your organization is in the market for parts washer solvents, there are several advantages to using a water based solvents for a parts washer instead of relying on chemical based solvents that contain an easily measurable percentage of toxic ingredients. Below, we look at five of these advantages to help you determine whether water based solvents would be a good option for your needs.

  1. Ionized Water Technology

Unlike plain water, water based solvents for a parts washer often feature super ionized water, which is water that has a significantly higher concentration of hydrogen atoms (a.k.a. ions) than tap water. This unique, alkaline formulation excels as an all-purpose parts cleaner. The highly alkalinized water molecules bind to soils and lift them away from the surface of soiled parts.

  1. Better for the Environment

Water based solvents can be just as efficacious as chemical based solvents that use harsh, toxic ingredients to power away tough accumulations. However, compared to toxic cleaners, which commonly produce hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), water based cleaners tend to be better for the environment. This is primarily because their main ingredient is purified water.

  1. Safer for Workers

Even when water based solvents for a parts washer contain ingredients that require workers to follow OSHA safety standards, the fact that their main ingredient is water means that they produce a lower level of harmful emissions than a solvent whose main ingredient is a hazardous chemical. The fewer HAPs a cleaner emits, the fewer health problems it precipitates in workers.

  1. Opportunity to Save Money

Because water is a plentiful substance, water based solvents often have a lower price point than chemical based solvents. An exception is when a chemical based solvent contains cheap chemicals and a water based solvent contains additional ingredients that aren’t so inexpensive. However, if you need to reduce solvent costs, water based solvents are generally a good option.

  1. Great for Low Emission Cleaning

Water based solvents are also a great option for organizations that need to minimize harmful emissions, particularly organizations located in low emission zones (LEZs), where caps on emissions are exceptionally tight. Even you don’t have an emissions issue to contend with, using eco friendly water based solvents will help you be a good steward to the environment.

Looking for Water Based Solvents for a Parts Washer?
If you need water based solvents for a parts washing system, Ecolink has a variety of stock solutions to choose from. We also create custom solvents for organizations that need solvents that are tailored to unique cleaning requirements. To get started on choosing a water based solvent, call us today at (800) 563-1305, or use the contact page on our website. We look forward to providing you with a non-toxic, water based solvent for your parts washing needs.