Undercarriage cleaners

The Benefits of Salt Slayer

Tidal Salt Slayer is an acidic, industrial-grade cleaning solution that primarily consists of sodium hyposulfite (10%-20% by weight). It cleanses and neutralizes surfaces to remove salt crystals and hamper their formation. It can be applied to cars’ undercarriages, polished aluminum, brass, plastic, painted surfaces, and glass.    

How Do I Use An Undercarriage Cleaner?   

Tidal Salt Slayer is simple to use! Since it is a highly concentrated product, it must first be diluted to a concentration of 1:20. Next, it can be applied to the desired surface with low pressure. It can then be rinsed off with a pressure washer; however, rinsing is optional.   

Why Should I Buy Tidal Salt Slayer?  

Are you wondering why you should buy Tidal Salt Slayer rather than a different salt-removing solution? Consider the following features of Tidal Salt Slayer: 

  • Nonflammable 
  • Low instability 
  • Available in a 55-gallon drum 
  • Formulated with an eco-friendly, renewable surfactant 
  • Can be used with hot or cold water 
  • Safe to apply to a variety of surfaces

With all of these great characteristics, it should be easy to decide which salt removal product is the right one for you!  

Where Can I Find Undercarriage cleaners?  

Tidal Salt Slayer can be purchased from Tidal Washers, an affiliate of Ecolink, Inc. Why work with Tidal Washers?  

  • Product Variety 

Tidal Washers is a trusted supplier of a variety of industrial cleaning products, including concrete removers, kitchen cleaning chemicals, parts washer detergents, butyl degreasers, and much more. No matter what type of chemical solution you are looking for, you will likely find it at Tidal Washers!  

  • Toll Blending Services 

However, if you are searching for a highly specialized industrial solution that you cannot find anywhere on the market, no worries- our chemists here at Tidal Washers perform toll blending for customers in need of unique products. We will work with you to create the perfect customized solution for your needs.  

  • Eco-Friendly Ingredients 

Here at Tidal Washers, we are aware of the effects that the chemical manufacturing industry can have on the environment. That’s why we employ the use of eco-friendly chemical ingredients in all of our products. This makes them safer not only for the planet, but for those working with them as well.   

If you have any questions, or would like to learn more, we would love to hear from you. Contact Tidal Washers today by emailing info@tidalwashers.com or calling 800-563-1305!