Roof cleaning

Benefits of Tidal Roof Foam

Tidal Roof Foam is a roof cleaning additive whose main ingredient is lauryl dimethylamine oxide (10%-20% by weight). It is a bleach enhancer that carries out two primary functions. First, it thickens bleach and increases its foaming ability. This ameliorates bleach’s ability to adhere to roofs, which makes it easier to apply. Second, it improves bleach’s cleaning capacity, creating a stronger detergent for washing roofs and other outdoor surfaces.  

Valuable Features of Tidal Roof Foam 

We’ve already outlined the ways in which Tidal Roof Foam can improve bleach, but what are its other valuable features? Some of these include:  

  • Nonflammable 
  • Low toxicity  
  • Low instability 
  • Safe to use with hot water or cold water 
  • Has a pH that is close to neutral (between 7 and 9)  

3 Easy Steps to Use Tidal Roof Foam 

To use Tidal Roof Foam, first dilute the solution by mixing 1 quart with 55 gallons of 12.5% bleach. Depending on the required use, as much as 2 quarts of Tidal Roof Foam can be added to 55 gallons of bleach, but do not make a stronger concentration than this. Adding more than 2 quarts of solution to 55 gallons of bleach may make the solution too thick, and thus difficult to use.  

Then, administer Tidal Roof Foam to the desired surface from bottom to top. Finally, rinse the surface from top to bottom.   

Tidal Roof Cleaning Safety

Despite Tidal Roof Foam’s low toxicity, one should still read its Safety Data Sheet for all essential precautions. This document outlines what to do if Tidal Roof Foam comes into contact with the body, how it should be stored, how to clean up minor and major spills, and what personal protective equipment should be worn while handling it.  

Contact Tidal Washers to Purchase Roof Cleaning Detergents

Now that you have learned about what Tidal Roof Foam is, what its beneficial features are, and how to use it, you may be wondering where you can purchase it. Tidal Washers is the answer! At Tidal Washers, a division of Ecolink, Inc., we provide a wide range of industrial cleaning solutions that are eco-friendly, affordable, and efficacious. Our products are all available in several bulk sizes, allowing you to pick the right size for you needs.  

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