Types of Corrosion Inhibitors: Applications and Benefits  

Many materials such as metal break down over time. This corrosion can cause massive damage to your equipment and be a hindrance in your process. Corrosion inhibitors are a way to prevent and remove any broken-down materials from your system. These deterioration removers are chemical compounds that reduce the decomposition rate of a material, usually metals or alloys when added to either a liquid or a gas. In this post, we will go over the different types of corrosion inhibitors as well as the applications of them and the benefits of using them.  

Different Types of Inhibitors  

Inhibitors can be classified into four main groups. The four main classifications are:  

  • Cationic:   

This type delays the corrosion reaction at the cathode, or the oxidizing electrode, to increase the resistance and limit the diffusion on the metal surface.  

  • Anodic:   

Anodic classifications block the anodic sites, or sites where oxidation occurs, in the metal making it passive and forming a protective layer on the surface of the metal.  

  • Volatile:  

Volatile, or vapor-phase, inhibitors reduce a break-down by vaporizing a chemical compound into a sealed atmosphere causing a pH change. This pH change in the atmosphere leads to conditions that control the corrosive rate of the material.  

  • Mixed:   

This type of deterioration controller also forms a protective layer on the surface of the metal. They reduce both oxidation and reduction reactions by forming a precipitate on the surface of the material.  

Applications of Inhibitors  

The chemical compounds that can delay corrosion can be used in a variety of different ways and processes. Some applications include:  

  • In boilers to reduce the effects of acids  
  • In pipelines  
  • In water cooling systems  
  • As protective films on surfaces  
  • As water softeners  

Benefits of Inhibitors  

Similar to how they can be utilized in many different processes and systems, using inhibitors to prevent corrosion in your company’s equipment provides multiple benefits you should consider. A few benefits include:  

  • Fewer maintenance costs to fix corroded equipment  
  • Longer lasting equipment   
  • More efficient systems  
  • Can prevent corrosion from happening in the future  

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