touchless truck wash soap

The Benefits of Touchless Truck & Trailer

Are you looking for a touchless truck wash soap? If so, check out Touchless Truck & Trailer. Touchless Truck & Trailer is a system of two industrial alkaline cleaning solutions that primarily consist of 2-butoxyethanol, n,n-bis(carboxymethyl)-glycine/trisodium salt, disodium oxosilanediolate, a proprietary surfactant blend (all 1%-5% by weight), and oligomeric D-glucopyranose (0.1%-1% by weight). They are formulated to cleanse trucks, trailers, and other metal surfaces.  

The first solution, Touchless T&T, can expel magnetic road film, bugs, and other types of dirt and grime from trucks, tractors, trailers, RVs, mobile homes, and buildings. It can safely be applied to polished aluminum and painted surfaces. The second solution, T&D Degreaser, eliminates grease and oil from trucks, engines, trailers, whitewall tires, vinyl surfaces, and stainless-steel surfaces. It can also be used as a pre-cleaning spray.  

How Do I Use Touchless Truck Wash Soap? 

To use Touchless T&T, first dilute the solution to a 1:20 concentration. If using a pressure washer, it should be applied to the surface from bottom to top, then rinsed from top to bottom. The surface should be dry before Touchless T&T is applied.  

To use T&D Degreaser, dilute the solution to a concentration of 1 to 5 parts cleaner to 10 parts water. However, when being applied to heavily soiled surfaces as a cleaning spray, it can be used without dilution.  Just like Touchless T&T, it should be applied from bottom to top, then rinsed from top to bottom. Neither cleaning solution should be permitted to dry on the given surface before rinsing.  

Why Should I Buy Touchless Truck & Trailer?  

Are you wondering why you should buy Touchless Truck & Trailer instead of a different truck cleaning solution? Well, Touchless Truck & Trailer provides these excellent benefits: 

  • Nonflammable 
  • Industrial strength 
  • Safe to use with hot water or cold water 

Where Can I Find Touchless Truck Wash Soap?  

Touchless Truck & Trailer can be purchased from Tidal Washers, a division of Ecolink, Inc. Tidal Washers offers a wide variety of industrial-grade cleaning solutions that won’t break the bank. Like Ecolink, Tidal Washers prioritizes the use of eco-friendly ingredients in all of our products, making them safer for workers and the environment. In addition to our pre-made solutions, we also create customized chemical solutions for those in need of highly specialized products.  

If you would like to purchase Touchless Truck & Trailer, contact Tidal Washers today by filling out our contact form or calling 800-563-1305!