Tidal Detergent Enhancer

The Benefits of Tidal Detergent Enhancer

What Is Tidal Detergent Enhancer? 

Tidal Detergent Enhancer is an industrial chemical solution that primarily consists of ethoxylated nonylphenol (70%-80% by weight), xylene sulfonic acid sodium salt (5%-10% by weight), and ethoxylated alcohol phosphate (1%-5% by weight). It enhances detergents by augmenting their wetting and bonding abilities when used at a percentage between 1% and 5%.  Additionally, it bolsters the efficacy of detergents that have been overdiluted.  

The Benefits of Tidal Detergent Enhancer  

Tidal Detergent Enhancer possesses many beneficial traits, such as: 

  • Low instability 
  • Low flammability 
  • Can be used with both acidic detergents and alkaline detergents  
  • Sold in three bulk sizes 
  • Excellent foaming ability at percentages as low as 2% 

How to Use Tidal Detergent Enhancer  

As mentioned above, Tidal Detergent Enhancer can be added to detergents to improve their wetting and bonding capacities, or to overdiluted detergents to increase their cleaning ability. The percentage of Tidal Detergent Enhancer that should be added to a detergent depends on the required use- generally, anywhere between 1% and 8% is safe and effective. You may need to test out various percentages to determine which percentage is right for your detergent.   

In addition, do not neglect to look over Tidal Detergent Enhancer’s Safety Data Sheet. Although Tidal Detergent Enhancer does not pose a severe health hazard- it has a rating of 1 on the National Fire Protection Association’s scale of 0 to 4- it still has the potential to irritate the eyes and skin. Its SDS contains information on what personal protective equipment should be worn while handling it, as well as the steps that must be taken if skin/eye contact or spills occur. It also discusses how to properly store Tidal Detergent Enhancer.   

Where to Find Detergent Enhancers?

Now that you have learned all about Tidal Detergent Enhancer, the benefits it offers, and how it should be used, you may be wondering where you can purchase it. Look no further than Tidal Washers! Tidal Washers, a division of Ecolink, Inc., offers a wide variety of industrial chemical products, such as kitchen cleaners, detergent enhancers (like Tidal Detergent Enhancer), house exterior cleaners, bleach additives, rust stain removers, and much more. Our products are affordable, efficacious, and formulated with the environment in mind.  

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