tidal concrete delete

The Benefits of Tidal Concrete Delete

Definition of Tidal Concrete Delete 

Tidal Concrete Delete is an acidic cleaning solution whose main ingredients include phosphoric acid (60%-70% by weight) and a proprietary surfactant blend (1%-5% by weight). It works to remove concrete from a variety of different surfaces.  

How Do I Apply Tidal Concrete Delete?  

Tidal Concrete Delete is easy to apply! First, because it is highly concentrated, it must be diluted to a concentration of 1:10. Then, it can be administered to the desired surface. It should be left to sit for 2-3 minutes, then brushed and rinsed off.  

Tidal Concrete Delete Safety 

Because Tidal Concrete Delete is an extremely acidic solution (pH < 2), the proper safety precautions must be adhered to when using this product. Please refer to its Safety Data Sheet for information about how to utilize and store Tidal Concrete Delete safely, what personal protective equipment must be worn while working with it, what to do in the case of accidental skin or eye contact, how to properly dispose of the product, and much more.   

Why Should I Use Tidal Concrete Delete?  

Wondering why you should use Tidal Concrete Delete, rather than another concrete removal product on the market? Tidal Concrete Delete offers the following benefits: 

  • Nonflammable 
  • Available in three bulk sizes 
  • The phosphoric acid formula is gentler than hydrochloric acid formulas, allowing it to remove concrete without damaging the underlying surface 
  • Safe for daily cleaning on most surfaces  

Where Can I Purchase This Product?  

Tidal Concrete Delete can be purchased from Tidal Washers, one of Ecolink’s affiliates. Tidal Washers is a distributor of industrial-strength cleaning solutions and solvents. Why work with Tidal Washers?  

  • Environmentally Friendly Products 

Like Ecolink, Tidal Washers emphasizes the use of eco-friendly ingredients in all of our products. If your company has been looking to reduce its impact on the environment, Tidal Washers is the perfect chemical supplier for you.  

  • Toll Blending 

Not all chemical distributors offer custom chemical solutions, but Tidal Washers does! If you are looking for a highly specialized product, our chemists will work with you to create a solution that fits your needs.  

  • Excellent Customer Service 

Finally, at Tidal Washers, we pride ourselves on our customer service. Whether you have a question about a specific product, or you need advice on which product of ours would be best for a particular job, we would be happy to help you. Contact us today by calling 800-563-1305 or emailing info@tidalwashers.com!