tidal citrus cleaner

The Benefits of Tidal Citrus Cleaner

Looking for a New House Exterior Cleaner?  

If so, you’re in luck! Tidal Citrus Cleaner is an industrial-strength house exterior cleaner whose principal ingredient is triphosphoric acid/sodium salt (1%-5% by weight). This solution can be used to clean vinyl siding, aluminum siding, wood siding, mobile homes, as well as trucks, trailers, RVs, and other outdoor surfaces. Additionally, it can also be employed as a pre-cleaning solution on floors, walls, engines, whitewall tires, and countertops.  

Helpful Traits of Tidal Citrus Cleaner  

Tidal Citrus Cleaner offers a number of valuable traits to users, such as: 

  • Low flammability 
  • Low instability  
  • Pleasant citrus odor 
  • Can be used with hot water or cold water 
  • Safe to apply with a pressure washer 
  • Contains water softeners and corrosion inhibitors that prevent rust and scale buildup  

Applying The Cleaner  

Before applying Tidal Citrus Cleaner, consult its Safety Data Sheet for important safety information such as how to handle and store the product properly and what to do if it accidentally comes into contact with your skin or eyes. Make sure you understand these instructions before you proceed.   

To apply Tidal Citrus Cleaner, dilute the solution to a concentration between 1 part water:5 parts cleaner and 1 part cleaner:50 parts water, depending on the required use and the level of soil on the surface to be cleaned. It must be diluted to a concentration of at least 1:40 if used on a painted surface. However, if used as a pre-spray or on a heavily soiled surface, Tidal Citrus Cleaner may be used without dilution.  

After cleaning the surface with Tidal Citrus Cleaner, it should be rinsed off. It should not be allowed to dry on the surface before rinsing.   

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