The Benefits of Red Fighter for Rust Stains

Looking for a Rust Stain Removal Product?  

No matter whether they’re on a vehicle, building, or some other kind of surface, rust stains can be unsightly, reducing the aesthetic appeal of the object. Not to mention, they are sometimes difficult to remove, which can lead to wasted time and energy. Red Fighter is here to help! This industrial cleaning solution is comprised of a mixture of acids, mainly carbamic acid (20%-30% by weight) and hydrochloric acid (10%-20% by weight). It effectively expels not only rust stains, but also tire track stains, red mud stains, and other types of stains from brick and concrete surfaces.  

Beneficial Properties of Red Fighter 

Customers who use Red Fighter will enjoy the many benefits it has to offer, such as:  

  • Low instability 
  • Nonflammable 
  • Industrial strength 
  • Can eliminate a variety of different stains  
  • Sold in three bulk sizes, ranging from a 4×1-gallon case to a 55-gallon drum 

How to Use Red Fighter in 3 Easy Steps  

Wondering how to use Red Fighter? Simply follow these three steps:  

  1. Apply Red Fighter in 3’ by 5’ segments using a pump sprayer. Then, scrub the surface with a broom or a plastic bristle brush. This will allow Red Fighter to permeate the stain more effectively. 
  2. Leave Red Fighter to sit on the surface for approximately 10 to 30 minutes.  
  3. Finally, use a high-pressure sprayer to rinse off the surface.  

Don’t forget to read over Red Fighter’s Safety Data Sheet before use for important safety instructions.  

Contact Tidal Washers for Your Rust Stains

Tidal Washers, a division of Ecolink, Inc., is your one-stop-shop for industrial cleaning solutions and solvents, such as Red Fighter.

Why buy from Tidal Washers? 

  • Bulk Sizing 

If you are looking for industrial cleaning solutions, chances are, you use large quantities of chemicals on a regular basis. All of the Tidal Washers’ products are sold in convenient bulk sizes, cutting down on shipping costs and saving you money over time. 

  • Environmentally Friendly 

At Tidal Washers, we formulate our solutions with the environment in mind and emphasize the use of chemical ingredients that are safer for the planet.  

  • Great Customer Service 

Finally, our team of chemists is always happy to answer questions from customers. Whether you have an inquiry about an existing product or are interested in purchasing a customized solution, we are here to help you. Contact Tidal Washers today by calling 800-563-1305 or emailing