The Benefits of Glycol DPM


What is Glycol DPM?

Dipropylene Glycol Methyl Ether, or Glycol DPM is a mixture of organic compounds similar to Glycol TPM.

It can be utilized for a wider variety of applications than other glycols due to its intermediate evaporation rate.

Benefits of Glycol DPM

  • Powerful solvency.
  • Moderate evaporation rate.
  • Low viscosity.
  • Coupling ability.

Common Applications

Glycol DPM is most often utilized as an industrial solvent, and as a coupling agent.

Industrial Applications

Glycol DPM is applied as an industrial and household cleaner.

Dipropylene Glycol is utilized as a tail solvent in solvent-based printing inks, and as a primary solvent in silk-screen printing ink.

Glycol DPM is also used in surface coatings and water-reducible coatings.

Glycol DPM is ideal in water-reducible coatings due to its hydrophilic nature.

Consumer Applications

Glycol DPM is a prominent ingredient in several common consumer applications.

Dipropylene Glycol Methyl Ether is utilized in grease removers, paint removers, metal cleaners, and hard surface cleaners.

Glycol DPM is featured as a coalescent in floor polishes and finishes.

Dipropylene Glycol is a stabilizer in many brand name herbicides.

Its function as a stabilizer is to act as an inert ingredient to increase the effects of the primary ingredient.

Glycol DPM is also a major ingredient in a wide variety of consumer cosmetic products.

Glycol DPM in Cosmetics

Dipropylene Glycol is an ingredient in many cosmetic products ranging from eye makeup to hair care products.

Glycol DPM is in products like shampoo, conditioner, other hair styling gels or lotions, bath products, eye makeup, facial makeup, shaving products, skin care products, and other personal care items.

Glycol DPM is often found in cosmetics due to its powerful solvency, lack of toxicity, and low viscosity.

Glycol DPM is often added into cosmetic products to help formulate the texture.

The low viscosity of Glycol DPM enables products to be smooth and not thick and difficult to use efficiently.

Glycol DPM is an important ingredient in most perfumes and fragrances.

Dipropylene Glycol’s role in perfume is that it binds and carries the essential oils of the fragrance element of a perfume.

It not only acts to bind and carry, but also acts as a diluter to help determine the strength of the fragrance oils.

The formula of any perfume is determined by how much or how little Glycol DPM is included.

The strength of a formula is raised or lowered based on how much Glycol DPM is present.

The basic ratio for perfume is three parts essential oils, and seven parts Glycol DPM.

Safety and Handling

  • Glycol DPM is highly flammable.
  • Wear protective goggles, clothing, and eyewear.
  • Store Glycol DPM in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from heat and ignition sources.
  • Follow the SDS provided with your shipment of Glycol DPM for proper safety measures.

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