what is the difference between soft wash and power wash

What Is The Difference Between Soft Wash And Power Wash? 

What is the difference between soft wash and power wash? Understanding the difference between soft wash and power wash can be best explained when you consider the reasons soft washing was developed. Power washing, using portable electric pump machinery and water was developed a great many years ago to provide much more intensive and heightened cleaning abilities to perform what was becoming a mundane and difficult exercise in performance cleaning. Soft washing was introduced primarily to provide the same level of cleaning as power washing without causing damage to buildings, roofs, machinery, or any other surface being cleaned via soft washing. The soft wash system uses soft washing cleaning chemicals in place of water and low-pressure pump systems to effectively clean surfaces of mold, build-up, bacteria, and other impurities. 

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What Is The Difference Between Soft Wash and Power Wash? Ask The Experts!

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what is soft washing

What Is Soft Washing? 

What is soft washing?  Popular theories suggest that about 25  years ago the soft washing practice was developed as an alternative to power washing.  In soft washing bleach and water are combined with compound surfactants, algaecides, and residual inhibitors to produce the soft washing solutions. These solutions are then used in conjunction with low-pressure washing tools as a method to remove build-up, bacteria, molds, and other stains from building roofs, exteriors, industrial machinery, and more. 

The residential roofing industry adopted soft washing into its offerings because of the benefits of cleaning shingle roofs. Shingles are among the most popular and widely used roofing  materials in America. Generally speaking, shingle roofs are made using 3 layers, fiberglass  sheets, petroleum adhesives, and ceramic or stone aggregates. Tar paper also known as  roofing felt is laid over roofing board to act as a moisture protecting barrier. Shingles are then  attached to the roof because they offer significant weather-protecting properties in rain and  storms and ultra-violet degradation. Until the uptake of soft washing, traditionally roof washing was done by using power washing, effectively reducing the typical life expectancy of shingle roofs, to that time. Implementing soft washing not only keeps roofs and buildings clean but prevents damage that can occur with high-pressure washing practices. 

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What is soft washing & what chemicals should you use? 

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