N-propyl Bromide Health Effects: The Financial Impact for Companies

When a company that uses n-propyl bromide (a.k.a. 1-bromopropane and nPB) as a cleaning solvent decides to implement an n-propyl bromide replacement solution, there’s usually a very good reason why, as N-propyl bromide works wonderfully for its intended applications. For many companies, that “good reason” is n-propyl bromide health effects that harm workers who apply the solvent or work in areas where it’s applied.

Impact on Company Finances

Negative n-propyl bromide health effects range from temporary health ailments — such as upset stomach, difficulty breathing, and watery eyes — that resolve when exposure is discontinued, to chronic ailments — such as nerve damage, neurological issues, and cancer — that are difficult if not impossible to resolve. The negative impact of nPB on the health of workers can translate to a negative impact on company finances in the following three ways, among others.

  1. Increased Number of Sick Days Taken

Temporary health effects of n-propyl bromide exposure naturally lead to an increased number of sick days taken by workers who are exposed to the solvent. At the very least, the temporary effects can take a person off of the workfloor for the remainder of the day after effects occur. Over months and years, the trend can lead to significant lags in productivity and revenue that offset the financial value of using inexpensive but dangerous nPB solvent solutions.

  1. Workers Compensation Claims

When a worker experiences chronic, negative n-propyl bromide health effects, a workers compensation claim is often shortly to come. From a financial standpoint, when a company is legally required to compensate a worker for lost earning capacity, it essentially amounts to paying the person for not working. Workers comp insurance may pay for most of the outgo; the caveat is that the company’s workers compensation insurance premiums can increase.

  1. Chemical Injury Lawsuits

Chemical injury lawsuits are another common result of chronic n-propyl bromide health effects. In addition to potentially involving a multi-million dollar settlement, a chemical injury lawsuit against an employer could be picked up by the media, and cause damage to the company’s public image. In terms of lost customers and business opportunities, fallout from the damage can prove more costly than the expense of paying for legal services and settling the claim.

Need an N-propyl Bromide Replacement?

N-propyl bromide is a highly efficacious solvent for multiple types of cleaning, but the financial impact of n-propyl bromide health effects can eliminate the financial value of using the solvent in at least three ways: increased number of sick days taken, an increase in workers compensation claims, and an increase in chemical injury lawsuits. Implementing a replacement solvent that delivers the efficacy of nPB without the adverse health effects is the optimal solution.

Ecolink offers nPB replacement solvents in the form of readymade solvents and custom solvents that are tailored to the customer’s unique requirements. For assistance choosing the right nPB replacement for your company’s solvent operations, call us today at (800) 563-1305, or fill out the contact form on our website. We look forward to supplying safer solvents that help protect the health of your workers and, by extension, the finances of your company.