Is Methyl Acetate The Same As Acetone

Is Methyl Acetate The Same As Acetone

Is Methyl Acetate the same as acetone? Methyl acetate and acetone are two different chemical compounds, however they are used for many of the same applications, and methyl acetate is often used as a substitute for acetone. In fact, methyl acetate is preferred to acetone in many fields because it is more affordable and it is a non-HAP or “non hazardous air pollutant”. In addition to being environmentally preferred to acetone, methyl acetate also has a higher flash point and hydrophobic properties, making it the preferred choice when compared to acetone in some applications, as it can provide various performance benefits. If you are looking for a bulk chemical supplier who can provide you with either high quality acetone or methyl acetate, the experts at Ecolink can help!

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Is Methyl Acetate The Same As Acetone & Which Should You Use?

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